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About Digutsoft

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What is 'Digutsoft'?
Digutsoft is an application(software) development team which was founded at Oct.24, 2010.
At first, we developed only Windows software, but with the time, we are expending our platform to Android application and website development.
You can meet our apps in 'App Download' menu on top, and all apps are offered in free, with NO ADS now.
Website and all of the applications supports both English and Korean.

Why 'Digut'soft?
Digutsoft has a dream to make a digital utopia.
Adding 'ut' taken from 'Utopia' to 'Dig' taken from 'Digital', it becomes 'Digut'.
Mixing these English letter, it also can be 'ㄷ' which is one of the world's outstanding language, Korean letter.
We named to 'Digut' to make Digutsoft develops the outstanding applications.

Who works with Digutsoft?
Digutsoft is running only by administrator.
But planners are you! Your idea makes an update, or a new application.
If you are not enough and want to work with us, we're always readied to greet you as a Digutsoft Team member.
Contact us if you want.
We're always waiting for you!