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Please notice that this TOS is translated into English, from Korean.
It's translated only for your convenience, and mistranslation or grammar error is not our duty.
See Korean TOS

Recent edit: June 30, 2015

Personal Information
While you exploring Digutsoft or any services of us include our website, you can be asked your personal information such as name, email address and phone number.
You have a right to deny, and you don’t have to provide your personal information to us although you are okay to have limited services.
Your information will never provided to anyone.
In Digutsoft website, your email address will be used for send you an important notifications, send Digutsoft Newsletter if you agreed, and check duplicated registration. For usage of each services, please refer to the service’s TOS.
Your password will be used to check you when you login.

Usage of services
Digutsoft website provides you softwares and DigutCloud. Provided services may be vary in each services.
Digutsoft has right to delete any articles or comments which contains harmful contents without any notice.

Our contents posted in Digutsoft has edited, and verified to the utmost.
But, we can't guarantee the accuracy or safety of external links.
Also, we can't guarantee if someone shared harmful content in one of our services.
We don't have any duty although your device, internet, or anything gets damage from the following content.
As a rule, Digutsoft will not have any responsibility when data leaked in DigutCloud or our service, but we'll try our best to protect the following damage.

Copyright of all softwares uploaded in Digutsoft website is only for Digutsoft.
Copyright for documents uploaded in DigutCloud is for uploader of the document.
You can take all contents except softwares and knowledge base, and it can be taken only via links.
Copyright policy may be vary in each services, so please refer to the service’s TOS.

If you have any questions, suggestion, or problem while exploring our services, feel free to contact us!